Can science cure a broken heart?

Can science cure a broken heart?

Can science cure a broken heart? 150 150 icnagency

By: Dominique Sisley | Can science cure a broken heart? | Neuroscience | The Guardian

New treatments involving anaesthesia drugs and neurofeedback could soon be used for getting over a breakup

Nothing is quite as shattering as a broken heart. A bad breakup has been known to trigger a range of psychological and physical symptoms, from nausea and insomnia to clinical depression. In more extreme scenarios, broken heart syndrome – when a person’s heart stops pumping blood properly after an emotional shock – can lead to death.

Fortunately, recent breakthroughs suggest we may soon be able to beat it. In March, a Spanish study found propofol, a sedative used for anaesthesia, may also be able to mute the painful memories that come with heartbreak. Participants were injected with the drug immediately after recalling a distressing story and, when asked to recount it again 24 hours later, they found the memory to be less vivid.

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