<div>Mind-blowing music: Tinie Tempah's brain scan</div>

By: Richard Vine | <div>Mind-blowing music: Tinie Tempah's brain scan</div> | Neuroscience | The Guardian

What really happens to our brains when we hear music? For rapper Tinie Tempah, writing music is about capturing ‘a feeling’; for scientists, it can reveal the mysteries of the mind. So what happened when Tinie agreed to let some scan his brain ‘on music’?

‘Can science get us to a point where there’s a formula to drive a specific emotion?” asks Tinie Tempah as he puts on an EEG (electroencephalogram) hat, which looks like a weird swimming cap with wires sticking out of it.

For Professor Slawomir Nasuto and Dr Ian Daly, this is the “holy grail” at the heart of a five-year project. They’re hoping to harness the emotional power of music for therapeutic uses – “to create a system which eventually will be able to help people with depression and different forms of emotional disorders associated with neurological disorders.”

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