Is the internet killing our brains?

Is the internet killing our brains?

Is the internet killing our brains? 150 150 icnagency

By: Dean Burnett | Is the internet killing our brains? | Neuroscience | The Guardian

The web gives us access to endless information. What impact does this have on our memory, and our attention spans?

Throughout history, people have always worried about new technologies. The fear that the human brain cannot cope with the onslaught of information made possible by the latest development was first voiced in response to the printing press, back in the sixteenth century. Swap “printing press” for “internet” and you have the exact same concerns today, regularly voiced in the mainstream media, and usually focused on children.

But is there any legitimacy to these claims? Or are they just needless scaremongering? There are several things to bear in mind when considering how our brains deal with the internet.

The human brain is always dealing with a constant stream of rich information – that’s what the real world is

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