Student Membership

Student Membership

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By: Carla Nagel | Student Membership | NMSBA News

It is possible to become a student member of the NMSBA for a reduced membership fee of 89 euro. NMSBA student membership is open for all students and PhD students with a relevant background (like neuromarketing, neuroscience, marketing, communication, economics, etc). 

If you are interested in joining the NMSBA as a student, including reduced membership fee, please send:

1. a copy of your student ID 
2. the expected year of graduation
3. name and category of your program
4. name of the institute to

On approval, you´ll receive within 3 working days a personal student verification code you can use for registration as a student member.

Classification Membership requirements Rights, benefits and limitations Financial implications
Student member – Interest in field
– Evidence of tertiary education enrolment at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
– Reduced registration fees
– Neuromarketing Magazine
– No voting for office barears
– 89 euro / year, including taxes
– 50% discount on NMSBA activities


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